SAX J1747.0-2853

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This source locates near the galactic center and it is a crowded region,
the light curve of this page contains contributions of some sources.
The flare on 2011 January 21 (MJD 55582) is a flare of this source (SAX J1747.0-2853) (Atel #3123, #3161).
But the flare since 2014 January 18 (MJD 56675) is from another source, GRO J1744-28, (Atel #5790 and #5963).

The daily, weekly and monthly images are created for every day.
The spectrum is not available for this source.
The data was processed with version 3, where both 1650V and 1550V data
are used. The data is updated in every day.

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